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Our airport to airport service freight your goods to the chosen destination country .upon arrival your consignee will pick up the goods at designated airport, clear the consignment the through customs themselves & pay the local handling charges.



Don’t be worried about clearance and delivery at destination. Our expanded network offices are at your service. We deliver the cargo to the door step of your consignee without any delay.



You can sit back. We pick-up your cargo and your goods will be taken right through to the consignee’s door in the destination country, which includes clearing the goods through customs.


Some of the services offered by the company include:

1- Air transport

2- Shipping by sea

3. Land transport

4- Non-mobile freight services to Australia and Canada

5- Packaging services (including dangerous goods, etc.)

6- Performing all customs duties and clearance

7- Gathering goods from the door of home or factory at the origin and delivery of door to the destination (Door to Door)

8- Express services

9- Providing exporters and importers of goods with advice on the transportation of goods

We handle all types of cargo by any mode of freight, air-sea-land.

Cargopars is an expert in organizing the fastest & most efficient means of cargo transport to all destinations worldwide. We are a leading freight forwarding agent. We offer comprehensive freight services and logistics solutions.